Users of Carto can quickly import most CUGIR datasets into your Carto account by clicking the “Open in Carto” link on the right side of the dataset description page. The feature uses Carto’s one-click data importer that automatically transfers a copy of the data by using CUGIR’s WFS service. Carto maps can in turn be shared in a number of ways, including as Web Map Services (WMS), enabling those to be imported into other webmaps elsewhere, or in desktop applications like QGIS or ArcGIS.

Carto (formerly known as “CartoDB”) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud computing platform that provides browser-based web mapping and GIS analysis tools. Carto offers both free and paid accounts. Additionally, members of the Cornell community may create Cornell-affiliated Carto accounts that offer addition features.

Cornell users can sign up using their Cornell e-mail address at:

It is also possible to use a CUGIR layer as a basemap in Carto, for example, this statewide layer of USGS Topographic maps: