Opening & Viewing Files

Why can’t I view or open a file/map?

Though CUGIR does provide the ability to preview/visualize data through it’s website, most CUGIR data files require specialized software to view when downloaded. These files are not actual “maps” but data that can be used to create maps. You will need to use one or more programs that can properly open these files. You may also need to carry out conversion procedures in order to import files which have been archived, compressed or otherwise packaged for portability. Please consult the Data Formats, and Compressed Data sections of CUGIR help for more information.

File names and directory paths can also cause problems when trying to open or load a data file. Some software will not open files that have spaces or special characters in the file name or any directory or sub-directory (“Documents and Settings” for example, is part of the directory path for files downloaded to the desktop of windows machines). Especially long file or directory names can also cause a problem with some software.