Topographic Map Purchase

Can I get topographic maps from CUGIR?

CUGIR only offers Digital Raster Graphic (DRG) files, scanned topographic maps which have had their collars and legends cropped out to facilitate use in a GIS. These and all other data sets are freely available to anyone to download from our site. We do not provide paper copies of datasets. If you are looking for NYS DRGs with map collars and legends intact, the NYS GIS Clearinghouse has them.

USGS TopoView provides access to the scanned maps from USGS’s Historical Topographic Map Collection, which were originally printed between 1884 and 2006.

You may order paper copies of maps from the USGS Store. The USGS also offers free “GeoPDF” copies of topo maps from the USGS Store using the Map Locator, which can be printed out or used within a GIS environment.